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Kentia Palm Growing (Howea forsteriana)

Tree Services on the Gold Coast are often maintaining and removing palm trees. With a subtropical climate, it's no wonder why Gold Coast arborists are called on daily to complete palm tree cleaning or palm tree removal. Some of the regular species we work on include:

- Cocos palm cleaning & cocos palm removal

- Alex Palm cleaning & alex palm removal

- Bismark palm cleaning & Bismark palm removal

- Canary Island date palm cleaning (these ones are rarely removed as they are a feature tree)

- Golden cane palm cleaning & Golden cane palm removal

Palm trees are a feature of tropical weather but clearly come with a lot of palm tree maintenance - particularly on the Gold Coast. Palm cleaning for the above species ranges from monthly, to bi-annually to annually and unless you really love the look, the dollars do add up!

So what is the holy grail of palm trees??

Kentia Palms! Kentia palms are an Australian native, originally from Lord Howe Island (hence Howea in the botanical name).

Kentia Palm - Tropical and LOW Maintenance!

The Benefits:

- slow growing palm which takes 15 YEARS to produce seeds and fruit!

- In an open garden they will reach a height of 4 metres. When competing with many other palm trees for sunlight the can grow up to 15 metres tall.

- Beautiful and tropical look with a slender trunk and a graceful crown of dark-green drooping fronds

How to look after a Kentia Palm:

- Direct sunlight can lead to sunburn in infant Kentia Palms - so keep them in a semi-shaded, area until 5 years in age.

- They prefer well drained soil which is high in organic matter

- As with all your garden, mulch around the base!

- Fertilise once a year and water regularly

If you are looking for a Gold Coast arborist who can help transition your cocos palm garden into a lovely kentia palm garden, please call She Trees on 0490355360 to see what we can do!

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