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Quote is valid for 30 days from quoted date unless otherwise specified.

No liability is taken for items that are the owner’s responsibility.

Written council approval is required for tree removal prior to work commencing (when applicable). Plants/pot/ornaments etc. i.e. moveable items must be relocated prior to work commencing.

No liability is taken for damages to any services that we are not made aware of i.e. water, drinking water drains, telephone, underground tanks & pipes, etc.

Suitable conditions are required for our trucks or equipment to access site. Please make driver aware if concrete or bitumen driveways, grass or easements will be unable to bear our vehicle weights. She Trees cannot be held accountable if not made aware of weak driveways or underground services.

Vehicles/pools/spas/ponds etc should have adequate cover & protection from dust, debris etc caused by works.

Please notify neighbours of any scheduled work that may affect them ie. Parking, noise, dust etc.

All scheduled work is weather dependent. Ie. Heavy rain or windy conditions may result in work being rescheduled.

All removals are to ground level or as low as possible with a chainsaw (unless otherwise stated). Stump grinding is up to 200mm below ground level & roots are not chased (unless otherwise stated). One application of poison only is made at the time of works, we cannot guarantee against regrowth.

All works must be paid upon completion without deduction or withholding. All payments must be made via Direct Deposit or Cash.

A minimum of 24hrs notice is to be given for cancellation without good reason, otherwise a 10% cancellation fee may be charged. Additional fees may also be charged to cover additional booked services such as EWP (elevated work platform) hire, additional labour acquired for larger jobs, etc.

Acceptance of this quote denotes acceptance of all terms and conditions by the customer.


Terms and Conditions of She Trees | Current as of June 2024

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