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Why you should Prune your Trees more often

This tree was not just pruned but fully removed as large branches grew over the roofs

Residents on the Gold Coast by and large take pride in the way their properties look as can be seen when driving around some of the outer suburbs like Worongary, Mudgeeraba, Tallai and Robina. Although some people feel they can save a bit of money by not having their trees regularly pruned and trimmed, in the

long run this will most likely prove to be a false assumption. Taking proper care of your trees and bushes by appropriate and regular trimming is an investment in the tree's health, longevity and your benefit and enjoyment of them and your property.

If you’re tempted to try and get by without proper tree maintenance and skip their regular trimming service, it may be wise to consider these reasons why you should prune your trees more often:


The majority of trees and bushes don’t naturally grow the way we may like, in fact, they tend to grow towards the sun and their branches can head off in strange and uneven directions making them look untidy and dishevelled in an otherwise tidy and well kept garden. Regular cutting by an experienced local Arborist, who is familiar with the climate and soil conditions in your area can make all the difference and boost the overall visual appeal of your property. Your trees will then look balanced and well shaped. Consider giving your trees a bit of a trim regularly in the same way as you do when having your hair cut, just to keep them looking their best. Trimming branches and removing unwanted limbs tidies up the trees and improves their appearance. By regularly attending to your trees appearance, they can also improve the value of your property.

A beautiful Poinciana tree which hasn't been pruned in a long time

After photo of the canopy lift and shaping away from buildings

Landscaping and Aesthetics

Whether you do your own landscaping and tree care or use the services of a professional Arborist, your trees or bushes usually play an important part when you want to create a nice overall balance in your garden. By having your trees regularly cut back or properly pruned, it’s much easier to maintain that balance and the aesthetics you created about your home.

Trees are a great way to supply your outside areas with shade and shelter, but trees with densely packed branches and lots of foliage can block out the sun and deprive the groundcover of much needed light. This can starve and affect the health of beloved gardens and god forbid, the lawn. Regular pruning of your trees can help facilitate a symbiotic relationship with your lawn and other greenery around your house. By selectively trimming away obstructing branches you can also create a better view and façade for your home.

Tree Health

When you cut a tree or bush for its health, it’s usually referred to as pruning. This usually involves removing any dead, diseased or damaged branches that could interfere with any healthy new growth. Without the proper attention and pruning, many trees can become top heavy and snap in a storm, or become harder, if not dangerous, to manage in the future.

Cutting your trees back more often and especially when they are younger helps your trees to develop and be stronger with a healthier structure and it can reduce the need for major corrective pruning when the trees start to get older.

A professional Arborist can prune your trees to help treat or prevent a disease or stop a disease your trees may already have, from spreading. By using the proper pruning techniques for a particular type of tree and taking into account the prevailing climatic conditions, your Arborist can help your trees grow properly, making their root systems stronger so they are better able to withstand storms or inclement weather.

Bracket Fungus indicates a very sick tree even when the tree looks healthy

When a tree gets overgrown, it’s much more likely to be damaged by strong storms that visit the Gold Coast from time to time. By having them cut more often, they are better equipped to survive for longer no matter what type of weather they are forced to endure.


A properly trimmed tree is much safer than a tree that’s overgrown and unkept, making this a very important reason to have your local Arborist assess your trees more often.

When you have trees around your property that contain dead or diseased branches, they pose a significant safety risk for anyone walking underneath them, or other trees next to them.

After or during winds or heavy rain these branches may drop and damage anything under them.

Having a professional Arborist periodically examine and trim your trees can ensure they are safe. Some of the native trees commonly found in Queensland and the Gold Coast (such as different types of hardwood and gum trees) can drop their branches without warning, even on a still day. Many of these branches are very heavy and could cause severe injury.

It’s vital that you have all the trees on your property checked and trimmed regularly by a local professional to ensure they are safe and avoid the possibility of anyone getting injured or items under your trees getting damaged.

Damaged, broken, cracked or decayed branches and tree trunks are all potential problems that could lead to safety issues if not treated properly.

Dead trees in the warm conditions around the Gold Coast quickly dry out and add a lot of fuel for bush fires and grass fires so the trees become a significant fire risk, especially in the summer months from December through to March.

Encouraging blossoms or fruit

If you have the varieties of trees that produce fruit or blossoms, having them regularly pruned by a professional Arborist will increase the number of flowers a tree will produce and therefore the amount of fruit you can expect to harvest.

Sometimes you may not want the trees to produce fruit or blossoms as this can attract flies, bats, rodents and other animals that could be annoying.

Your Arborist will be able to cut your trees so the trees that produce desirable blossoms and fruit are encouraged, but those you don’t want to produce blossoms or unwanted fruit will be discouraged from doing so.

Vista Trimming

Trees are often cut or trimmed to improve the views from a property, this is known as Vista Trimming or View Tree Pruning and is best carried out by a local licenced professional Arborist as they will be familiar with all the local body bylaws, regulations and permits that must be obtained.

It often only takes about fifteen years for the average tree to grow from a seedling to a large tree that can take away a person’s view if it’s not properly maintained. Many disputes between neighbours happen because trees are allowed to grow and obstruct another person’s view. This can drastically reduce property values and cause litigation which can be costly. Using the services of a local Arborist to manage your trees and cut them as required, while respecting the rights, views and well being of the other homes you share your neighbourhood with, will ensure you have a happy stress free lifestyle and few tree problems.

Council Permissions

In all parts of the Gold Coast the majority of native and indigenous trees are protected under the Vegetation Management Code. Some trees that are considered a pest species are not covered by the code and can be removed by landowners as long as they are on their own private land. It is strongly recommended that before you cut or remove any trees or bushes that you seek the advice of the Gold Coast City Council or your local professional Arborist who will be able to advise you.

Your Arborist will be able to obtain all the necessary permissions and permits as well as the best and most cost effective methods of achieving your desired property with trees of different shapes and sizes.

They are also experienced in mediating between different property owners who may have opposing views or when there is a dispute with trees on the boundaries or trees that disrupt views, pose a potential danger or cause problems because of roots.

They can also help with dealing with Gold Coast City Council orders to preserve or remove vegetation and provide assistance for land rehabilitation if required.

We all love trees and understand the need for keeping as many trees as possible to maintain our healthy world air supply and combat climate change. Pruning trees using an experienced, insured arborist is one way of promoting longevity in our trees and local habitat. This is why it’s necessary to cut trees to ensure they are kept healthy and maintained. It’s also important to ensure the trees around our properties and homes are safe and do not detract from our homes appearance or value. Using the services of a local professional Arborist to regularly prune and maintain your trees will ensure they are healthy and aesthetically pleasing, help maintain property values and keep the integrity of the neighbourhood.

If you would like a free quote for tree pruning at your property, please call She Trees on 0490 355 360.

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