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How Much does Tree Removal & Tree Pruning Cost?

The answer to this question is a very unsatisfying one = "It depends".

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When you are looking for a certified and insured Gold Coast tree lopper or certified arborist to perform safe and efficient tree work on your property, there are five main factors to consider.

According to iSeekPlant, the average cost of removing a tree in Australia is about $871. In further detail according to height, costs are as follows:

  • Small trees can be classified as those at 5 to 6 metres high. Lopping these trees will cost an average of about $250 to $950.

  • Medium trees are classified as those at 6 to 9 metres high. Tree lopping prices at this size usually cost an average of about $650 to $1,500.

  • Large trees are classified as those standing 3 stories high (10 to 12 metres). Tree lopping for this size will usually set you back at an average of about $1,000 to $2,500.

  • Extra-large trees taller than 50 metres exist. Lopping such trees will likely cost at least $7,000.

When you arrange a tree removal, tree lopping or tree pruning quote with She Trees, we will assess the following factors which contribute to our pricing.

Tree Size

The larger the tree, the more work involved and the price guide above should be used as a rough indicator of costs for tree removal.


This is a key factor which dictates prices for tree removal on the Gold Coast. If a tree only has a simple form with few branches, nothing underneath to protect and is located at the front of the house then the tree quote will be much less. If there is a tree growing directly above a carport or 200m away from the truck and chipper then it will require more time and labour.

Tree Removal
Tree Removal Cuban Royal climbed and dismantled in pool area

Tree Species

Depending on the species or type of tree being removed, the cost can vary to dispose of the mulch. For example, palm trees create a mulch that degrades quickly and is more fibrous than other hardwood trees. Hardwood mulch can kept by the customer to combat weeds and improve the gardens. Mulch can be costly and time consuming to tip, which can add to the cost of the tree removal.

Tree Health

A dead tree vs a healthy tree requires varying levels of risk to manage. Dead trees are often brittle and structurally weak which means more skill and time is required in order to remove them safely. If a tree is particularly dangerous and it is unsafe to climb, then a 'cherry picker' or a crane may be required which increases the cost involved.

Danger or Risk

She Trees is a local Gold Coast tree service specialising in confined space tree removal. Often there are many risks involved with skillfully climbing and dismantling trees which are growing close to structures, power lines, sheds or glass windows and fences. We are a team of certified and insured climbing arborists and we enjoy the task of taking on tree removals which are too tricky for the average tree company.

If there are powerlines located too close to the work area, we will always quote according to safe work standards. This occasionally requires an electrician to come in the morning to disconnect and reconnect power after the tree removal has been completed safely.

She Trees - Call to arrange a quote on 0490 355 360

Tree lopping on the Gold Coast requires specialised skills (eg. Certificate III in Arboriculture), it is labour intensive work and it is extremely risky. The cost of tree removal or tree pruning may vary from company to company depending on their work load and their service standard. She Trees may not always be the cheapest quote, however we will always deliver the best tree service on the Gold Coast.

Disclosure: The tree lopping industry on the Gold Coast is similar to many Australian cities in that there are many dodgy, weekend warriors out there. These can be uninsured operators who provide cheap cash prices (and sometimes extremely expensive cash prices) who are looking to make a "quick buck" by recommending every tree on your property should be removed. She Trees does not intend to compete with these operators and does not recommend the gamble of engaging them.

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