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Gold Coast Tree Loppers and how to pick em!

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

So you want your tree removed or pruned and you want it done:

  • Safely – no one injured & no property damaged

  • Efficiently – arrive & completed the job on time

  • Professionally – trees pruned to Australian Standards and left looking beautiful!

  • Value for money – you don’t want your trees to cost you the Earth

As an arborist on the Gold Coast, there are a few more points I’d like to add to your list when picking which tree crew is best for the job.

1. Are they certified Gold Coast arborists?

I’ve been caught out too. You hire someone because the price is just too good to be true – and it is! “Tree Lopping” is a very loose term for someone who takes a chainsaw to a tree. An Arborist is a trained professional who has invested in learning how to manage trees in an urban environment. Gold Coast arborists have a minimum Cert 3 in Arboriculture which means they can identify trees, assess the health of trees and help to mitigate the potential risks (offering ideas for tree pruning, removing deadwood & sometime recommending tree removal).

She Trees is a Qualified Member of the QAA

2. Are they an insured tree service?

“My mower man said he could do it for 50 bucks!” – Anonymous Penny-pincher

Gold Coast tree removal and pruning should only be undertaken when insured for the height of the works. Not many people realise, a standard gardening service is only insured to work up to 3.5 metres in height. This means a gardening contractor doing any tree pruning, tree removal and cutting anything above 3.5 metres (ie. MOST trees) will not be insured. Gold Coast tree services must have a qualified arborist in order to be insured with an unlimited height restriction – click here for a copy of She Trees Insurance details.

3. Do they look the part?

If you see any Gold Coast tree lopping company employees wearing:

  • NO helmet

  • NO eye protection

  • NO earmuffs

  • NO High vis clothing

  • NO chainsaw-rated protective pants

  • NO two points of attachment to the tree and using the chainsaw one handed and wearing spikes when their only pruning a tree and feeding the chipper with their feet (I could go on!)

If a Gold Coast tree service turned up and had that much disregard for their own safety and those around them, then how much care will they take while completing your tree work? Safety first in any industry and tree removal and tree pruning is no exception.

Basic Protective wear for a Gold Coast Arborist

4. Quoting & Payment

A quote should be done in writing with enough detail and a clear figure attached to the job. A copy should be provided to the customer and no payment should be sent prior to the job being completed. If any Gold Coast tree lopper asks for upfront payment – show them the door!

Hopefully this article helps to protect you, your property & your trees when searching for a Gold Coast arborist. If you would like any advice or a no obligation FREE quote for your tree work, please contact She Trees on 0490355360.

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Useful to know that once you get a tree above 3.5 metres, your normal gardener's insurance won't cover any damage done in removing any untidy branches - and with small lots and so many light Colorbond-type fences, that damage can occur very easily. I had no idea we could be liable for this - not to mention if any damage was done to neighbours places in the interim! The cost of re-placing a fence panel or two (and nuisance) makes it worth talking to an arborist before removing. Thanks for the tip, Julia!

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