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3 Things you can do to manage Gum Trees on your Property

Australia is terrifying. Red backs, snakes, great whites and drop bears are the commonly known threats to peaceful enjoyment of this lovely country. However, you'd have to be a local to also be weary of our beautiful, native gum trees - aka "Widow makers".

Red River Gums - Eucalyptus camaldulensis

Inland suburbs of the Gold Coast such as Tallai, Mudgeeraba, Worongary are classic examples where suburbia meets the bush. One of the most attractive qualities of living on the Gold Coast is to be surrounded by nature and gum trees. However, there are some basics to protecting yourself, your property and your trees from harm.

1. Provided a decent buffer zone between your house and the tree line. This comes down to gum tree pruning and removing overhang. Falling branches on gum trees are unpredictable. After a long period of drought, with limited nutrient stocks, gum trees may sacrifice branches in order to sustain the rest of the tree.

2. Remove deadwood - this is a pretty fool proof method to protecting your family in your backyard. If there is die-back in a branch or if a limb has already fallen and torn, it's best to have the deadwood removed by a qualified arborist. Gold Coast tree loppers (people who are not trained arborists) can often "lop" the end of a branch. This creates an issue in later years when the lopped branch does not re-sprout and becomes a large piece of decaying wood in the tree.

3. Reduction prune - this is a proactive method for managing and pruning gum trees. Before a big storm hits or your gum tree sacrifices a limb/branch, have a an arborist prune a percentage of the canopy to direct its growth. This will strengthen the tree and branches which remain.

If you have a gum tree on your property which may need attention, feel free to contact She Trees for advice and a free quote on 0490355360.

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